This process is to be used for proposals requiring over £600 expenditure instead of the usual proposal form as described here.

  • If your plan requires money from the hackspace account, request available funds from the treasurer
  • Create a plan that will make financial sense to the treasury.
  • While it is possible to request the total available funds, it will likely only be approved if there is no significant opposition from the membership.
  • State time limit (must be less than 60 days) that the pledging window will be open to members
  • Ensure that you have thought of things like safety, maintenance, cleaning, replacement parts, cost per hour if applicable
  • Send the proposal to the committee for approval.

The committee will consider at least the following:

  • Safety
  • Financial viability
  • Compliance with building regulations
  • Any effect on the membership

The committee will approve the proposal by a vote, with a straightforward majority enough to pass.

An approval implies that, if the proposal succeeds in due course, the hackspace will contribute the agreed sum from its funds.

  • The proposal cannot be changed after committee proposal.
  • Present the proposal at a scheduled members meeting and get votes for and against.
  • Proxy votes can be used.
  • If a simple majority of members present at the meeting vote in favour of the proposal, then money can be released

If there is a small reason that the proposal wasn't approved, the committee will suggest you change that point and if you agree, the proposal will be approved without the need to organise another meeting/vote.

  • You can now promote your proposal using the same form as for smaller proposals.
  • Be clear about the total cost and where the funds are coming from.
  • Make it clear that the plan has committee and members approval.
  • Date your proposal
  • You now have your time limit to get enough pledges to achieve your goal. If achieved the equipment will be bought after members monies have been collected.
  • If failed your proposal will have to be substantially re-written and be re-approved by the committee before being re-run.
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