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Tom Coates

Connect the CNC machine to the existing extraction system for the laser cutter, as originally suggested by Alex Rowe in this post on the mailing list. This will allow us to use the oil mist system without it making a mess all over the workshop.

The plan is to add a T piece where the existing ducting connects to the extractor, then run new solid ducting in parallel with the existing ducting, past the laser and on to the CNC machine. The connection between the solid ducting and the machine will use flexible ducting, the same as on the laser cutter. A dust filter will be added where the ducting connects to the CNC, to prevent dust or swarf from entering the ducting. Additionally, a control system will be added using a couple of mains-rated relays to automatically power on the extractor when either the CNC or the laser cutter are in use (currently the extractor is controlled by the laser cutter only).

Item Link Qty Price Total
Spiral tube duct 150mm x 3m 4 £18.04 £72.16
150mm male coupler 2 £2.19 £4.38
Right angle bend 150mm 5 £7.78 £38.90
T section 150mm 1 £12.99 £12.99
Filter box w/ filter 1 £31.75 £31.75
150mm radiused flanged spigot 1 £2.39 £2.39
Hose clamp 60-170mm 2 £0.94 £1.88
Duct sealant 1 £2.25 £2.25
Duct tape 50mm x 50m 1 £2.78 £2.78
Cable ties 295mm pack of 50 1 £2.29 £2.29
Aluminium mesh sheet 1 £6.23 £6.23
Panel mount relay 2 £14.36 £28.72
Plastic enclosure 1 £11.35 £11.35
Fused IEC inlet 3 £1.72 £5.16
IEC cable 3m 3 £4.63 £13.89
Mains socket 1 £2.50 £2.50
Subtotal £239.62
VAT (20%) £47.92
Total £287.54

We already have left-over brackets for the ducting.

I will do most of the installation work including building the control box. Will need one other volunteer to help lift the ducting into place. May also need assistance from someone who has the right tools for cutting a hole in the top of the CNC.


Full funded by Hackspace

Existing laser cutter extraction system

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