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Mark E Pitt

A spot welder for soldering nickel tabs to batteries would be a good addition to Hackspace Bristol.

Several members have expressed interest in soldering batteries both in face to face discussions and on the Google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_source=digest&utm_medium=email#!topic/bristolhackspace/XH6eDMx6_U0

Presently there is no safe way to solder batteries in Hackspace using the current soldering equipment, a spot welder is specifically designed for this process. The machine can also be used safely for other resistance soldering tasks such as jewelry and other small scale work.

The machine is powered by a 230v UK plug, it would be best placed in the soldering area in G11.

£159.86 (including pen)

  • fully funded by Hackspace

The Hackspace wiki

A safety induction

Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Felix H
  2. Nick G
  3. Ryan H

Supporting Members:

  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes:


  1. Mark E Pitt
  2. Jonathan Alston
  3. Sam Castillo
  4. Ross Mowatt
  5. Jonathan

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