Replacement Router & New Router Bits


Awaiting Approval

Ryan D Hale

This proposal is to suggest a replacement Plunge Router for the workshop. Currently we now only have 1 router which is difficult to use and is far from safe! (The power cable is approx 10 inches long and the power button is glued “ON”. Finally the plunge mechnaism has been broken. The suggested Router can be used as a trim router (Due to it's smaller size) and has a part to change the router into a versatile plunge router (The fundamentalmechanic required to make clean and stepped passes on your work.

The proposal also suggests a new kit of router bits which cover a range of applications from plunge cutting, trimming and decorative edges. The main reason for proposing this is that we have a few router bits, but they are of different sizes (Collet Size) and only fit certain routers. We are also missing some of the most vital router bits.

I actuaslly own both of these items and am very happy wioth both - The smaller Router is striong and reliable and teh router bkits have held up well to regular use!

The Router and Router Bits Case will live in the relevant cupboard in the workbench in the workshop!

This item does not require an induction!

Quantity Cost Item Link Notes
1 £74.99 VonHaus Compact Deluxe Palm Router Saw - Plunge Trimmer 710W - Tool Bag + Accessories Amazon Link
1 £39.95 Spares2go Tungsten Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set (35 Pieces, 6.35mm 1/4'' Shank + Alloy Case) Amazon Link
Total £114.94‬

Full funded by Hackspace

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  1. Ryan D Hale
  2. Felix H
  3. Russell C


  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes.
  1. Russel Dicken
  2. Jonny Taphouse
  3. Jon Dowling
  4. Alex Rowe
  5. Adam (adamairmailed)

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