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Katja Hornchen

I would like Hackspace to purchase a sublimation printer. I have been mentioning one for a while as it will enable us to print our favourite designs on polyester type fabrics such as bunting, bags, T shirts,( there is a way of getting it onto cotton t shirts) underpants etc. But it also prints on mugs, water bottles, mouse mats and other such items, including the key-cards needed for laser cutter etc.
I have used one to print on acrylic that has been cut by the laser cutter and also coated plywood and to make decorated boxes or whatever the imagination comes up with.

The printer works by printing on a special paper. The image is then transferred using the heat pressed onto the fabric, plastic coated wood, acrylic, or mug etc even surf boards.
I would recommend Sawgrass as they are known for their high quality colour. I would recommend and A4 as A3 is about double in price and really not necessary.
The Inks are an expensive investment but they say you can print 225 A4 pages on average from one set. The printer comes with a full set of inks. I am looking into refillable options.

I also propose to invest in a mug/water bottle press and enough consumables to get us going.

A skillshare event will be run to help promote the new equipment.

Explain how it will be achieved- Who will buy, install, run, maintain etc

What are the benefits? Explain what the issues are and how this proposal overcomes them.
We can print our own logos art work and any number of items we design.
The ability to print images on a wide range of materials listed above.
We already have a T-Shirt press for printing onto fabric.
It will complement the vinyl cutter

Where will you buy this thing? Where's the money going?

Mug press for various mugs and bottles

How exactly will what you buy fit into hackspace and who will install it?
It will need to be linked to a computer in the hackspace, hopefully the 3D printer and engraver computer.
The printer will be located on the print desk along with the 3D printer and engraver etc.
The cup / bottle press will go on the shelving next to the T-Shirt press

Printer £350 and inks.
Cup/mug/bottle press £ £115
Consumables £50
TOTAL £515

delete as appropriate

  • full funded by Hackspace

The Hackspace wiki will have a page added to it for the sublimation printer.

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