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DeWalt Brushless Drill & Impact Driver Set



Alex Rowe

Our current cordless drills are rather struggling at the moment. One of the reasons for this, is that they have rubbish batteries. We also don´t have an impact driver, which is a shame as they are fantastically useful.

Therefore, I propose that we purchase a DeWalt drill/driver combo set. It comes with lithium ion batteries, which will withstand the use and abuse of a community workshop. It also has brushless motors, which are very reliable. I believe the particular set that I have picked out strikes a good balance of price vs performance. I also propose to purchase a second battery charger so both batteries can always be left on charge

Russ suggested auctioning off the old drills at a members meeting to prevent clutter. I agree with this. If no one buys them, then I suggest that we give them to a local school DT department, as they tend to operate on a shoestring budget

I will install the chargers in the same location as the current chargers. The set comes with a case, so the drill/driver will be stored in the case, in a drawer to prevent accidental damage from falling off the shelf.

£221.98 = 189.98 for drill/driver set + 32.00 for the extra battery charger

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  2. Matt G
  3. Ryan H


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