Belt & disc sander for G11 - second proposal option



Charlie Williams

Split into a second, competing proposal. You may support one or both of these proposals, but only one will be actioned. (The other is here:

This is a larger, freestanding sander that's of a “better” brand.

Clarke CS6-9C Belt & Disc Sander - £298.80

A bit pricier than the other proposal, but is self standing, a well known trusted make, consumables are easy to get hold if either from machine mart or screwfix and has a more powerful motor 1 HP

I'd be happy to order this for (free, next-day) delivery to the hackspace.

I don't think this is something that needs induction; it's got a similar level of risk to the hand tools that we don't require induction for.

From the link above

Install in space currently occupied by woodchip extractor. Extend grinder bench away from the wall to accommodate dust extractor under the bench. Permanently connect new sander and existing bandsaw to the dust extractor.

Extending the bench requires only a bit of scrap wood which is in the space and won't take much time. There is also a T-connector for the extraction ducts so we can connect the bandsaw and sander at the same time. I (Charlie) am happy to take on both of these tasks, although I welcome help from anyone else interested.


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