Belt & disc sander for G11


Cancelled (other competing proposal actioned)

Charlie Williams

This has been now split into two proposals. You may support one or both of these proposals, but only one will be actioned. (The other one is here:

There's been a bit of discussion about buying a belt sander for G11 as it's a useful piece of kit that we don't currently own. Today Matt G opined that the main thing standing between talk and action was someone writing up a proposal, so here I am.

After poking around a little I'd like to suggest a [SIP 01946 500W 8“ x 4” Belt & Disc Sander 230V](

This would be £177.

I'd be happy to order this for (free, next-day) delivery to the hackspace.

I don't think this is something that needs induction; it's got a similar level of risk to the hand tools that we don't require induction for.

From the link above

Swap the positions of the wood chip extractor and sawdust extractor. Extend the current grinder bench to incorporate this item and allow for permanent connection of the extractor to this and the bandsaw.


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