Hardened steel nozzles for the 3D printer


Awaiting Approval

Kit Wallace

Currently with a brass nozzle fitted, there are restrictions on the filaments which can be used with the new Prusa I23 printer. Fitting hardened steel nozzles would allow it print abrasive filaments such as glow-the-dark, wood- and bronze filled filaments and carbon-fibre (as well as non-abrasive filaments).

Suitable nozzles are available from E3D

or the slightly more expensive Nozzle-X

Suggest that the hardened nozzles be fitted by a maintainer (ie Nick!) as standard since swapping nozzles is a tricky procedure.

1 steel nozzle @ 0.4mm nozzles = £18 + p&p


1 nozzle-X @ 0,4mm = £27 + p&p

In general, nozzles are the only wearable part and might be considered to be consumables

Full funded by Hackspace

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