Replacement Soldering Irons


Awaiting Approval

Russell Couper

This is to buy Two TS100 Low Voltage Temperature controlled soldering irons and a selection of tips for them.

The Current soldering iron stock is old and being misused, ie left ON and unattended.

The TS100 are both temperature controlled and motion sensitive. ie They automatically turn OFF when inactive.

TS100 Specifications
Power: 65W.
Temperature stability: ±2%.
Soldering tip resistance to ground: <2Ω.
Temperature range: 100℃ - 400℃ (max).
Max operation ambient temperature: 40°C.
OLED screen.
Micro USB data port.(NOT USB powered!!)
DC5525 power port.
7 types of soldering iron tips available.
Fashionable and detachable.
Open source.
Efficient to work with.
Wide compatibility.
Control part: length: 96mm, diameter: 16.5mm.
Heating part: length: 72+33mm, diameter: 5.5mm.
Weight: 33g (TS100 controller)
Compliant with EU certification: CE FCC.

This purchase is to replace the soldering iron stock on the soldering station. ie These will be the only irons routinely left on the soldering station for every-day use. It is not meant to involve the box of basic Antex type soldering irons in the equipment shelving as these are intended for tutorial events and activities such as the Xmas party Hebocon build. The advanced Mercier(SP) iron is a specialist piece of equipment and will be moved to the equipment shelving to deter its every day use. This will also increase the service life of the Iron handle, tip and cable. All of which are fantastically expensive to the point it will probably get scrapped should these ever need replacement.

The reasoning behind this proposal is:
A] The soldering irons are being left ON and unattended. The TS100 have built in inactivity detection and automatic shut-down capability. The time period before shut down is configurable.
B] They are powered from low voltage so there are no mains cables in the vicinity of the iron.
C] The existing temperature controlled iron is showing it's age and the front button / fascia is worn and damaged.
D] The TS100 consistently get highly regarded reviews, especially when compared along side professional grade equipment.
E] There are a wide range of bits available for almost all soldering needs.
F] They are more inclusive as they have a left handed user configuration.

Anecdotal remarks:
There are a few Hackspace members who use this iron and are more than impressed with their performance.
When run on 24V the heat up time of the bit is approx 10-20 seconds, faster when coming up from standby temperature.
The Thermal capacity of the larger bits has enough OOOMPH for the fattest thermal ground plane.
These irons have open source firmware. It is not intended for this to be used in any manner specific to this installation.

These soldering irons will replace ALL existing soldering iron equipment on the soldering station area. (Metcal(sp) moved to equipment shelf)
The 24V power supplies will be labelled so as not to be misplaced and hacked.
The basic Antex type soldering irons used for workshops will be unaffected by this purchase procedure.
The existing soldering irons being replaced will be offered to the membership at the next members meeting.

Quantity Cost Item Link Notes
2 41.62 Digital Iron + tip UK company 'fast & free'
2 43.36 7 Tips Slower Chinese supply
2 18.19 Power Supply UK company 'fast & free'
Total 206.34

Full funded by Hackspace

The hackspace wiki Wiki page will be updated to contain link / PDF etc user manual for these irons.

Committee Sanity Check:

A majority committee vote is needed for all proposals. A large purchase proposal needs to be passed by the committee before members can vote on it.

  1. Russell C
  2. Toby S
  3. Ian A-S


  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes.
  1. Alex R
  2. Richard L
  3. Felix H
  4. Sam C
  5. Ryan H

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