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Nick G

This came in through the contact form:

Hello there,
My name is Benjamin Redford, I'm the founder of and the creator of the FormBox.
I'm getting in touch today because we have a Christmas deal available only to UK based Maker spaces.
Until the 19th December, you can get a FormBox for £400. That's £199 cheaper than the standard price of a machine.
You can find the link to the secret deal here:
Included in the bundle you get:
1 x FormBox
20 x transparent food safe PETG sheets
20 x white HIPPS sheets
1 x kg of fine dental plaster
3 x starter projects - phone stand, hologram viewer and egg cup
Everything you need to start making right out of the box.
Do let me know if you have any questions and have a wonderful Christmas.
All the best

The hackspace currently doesn't have any vacuum formers, purchasing one would improve the facilities we can offer to our members. Ian AS has used Mayku vacuum formers in the past and says they are easy to use and small enough to store sensibly. The forming area is 200 x 200 mm. More information here.

To be ordered from here. NG to order and claim back funds. To be purchased before 19th December 2018.

Should be able to fit on the equipment shelves in G11. Alternatively, it may be sensible to keep it on the same bench as the 3D printer.


Fully funded by the Hackspace (general fund).

The hackspace wiki
Ian AS's brain

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