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M32 Workship Grade 2 Metric Slip Gauges


Awaiting Approval

John Willis

A set of 32 Workshop grade slip gauges

1 block 1.005

9 blocks 1.01-1.09 in 0.01mm steps

9 blocks 1.1-1.9 in 0.1mm steps

9 blocks 1-9 in 1mm steps

4 blocks 10, 20, 30, 50

These cam be stacked to give any length between 1.0005 mm to 120 mm in 0.01mm steps

They are to DIN 861. Tolerances for Grade 2 slips are

⇐ 10 mm +/- 0.45 micron

10< ⇐25 mm +/- 0.6 micron

25< ⇐50 mm */- 0.8 micron

So a stack of 5 to get 63.26 would be within =/- 2.75 microns which should be good enough for all Hackspace work. There is no point in trying to get better than that unless you control the temperature and dust in G10 and you would want to buy a calibration certificate.

for comparison M32 grade 1 set ( half the tolerance ) £140 M32 Grade 0 set ( half the grade 1 ) £240

These are measurement standards and would be used to:

Check other measuring equipment e.g. digital callipers & micrometers

make up length standards for comparison on the surface plate

set up sine bars for accurate angle setting.

They are not to be used for accurate clamping you need parallels for that.

They will have to be kept oiled in the box and treated like accurate instruments.

The problem we have for any accurate work in Hackspace is that we have to assume that our measuring equipment and machine dials are correct and this is not always a valid assumption. As we get into more accurate work we will need to check this.

It should fit the measurement tools drawer or failing that on the shelf above the bench in G10

£ £90.09 + £10.8 delivery + possibly £3.00 VAT on delivery

Up to £105

  • full funded by Hackspace

JW to order

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