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Bandsaw Replacement & Spare blade selection



Ryan D Hale What do you want to buy:

I am proposing the purchase of a replacement Band saw for the workshop with a range of different blades (see separate proposal)

BS300E Premium 12“ Band saw - £499


After doing extensive research of different brands in a similar price range, the Record power product seems to be better built, more accurate and a little more powerful for the money. The next price bracket would be £600 approx.

Where has this proposal come from:

So as we are all aware – The Band saw in the workshop is not is the best shape – I would go as far as saying it is becoming/already unsafe!!

Currently we are missing a cutting fence/guide (Well there is one, but you can no longer attach it! And it is far from square!!) The covers are broken and missing locking handles We have a few blades, but they are worn and have been used for cutting the wrong material. I have spoken and been approached by numerous individuals who are not happy or frustrated with our current setup as there are only limited things we can now do with the Band saw in its current state. I also posted a question about replacing it, some time ago to see what other members opinions were:


How will it be achieved, bought, run, installed etc:

As this equipment would be used by a large majority of Hackspace members, I would think it would warrant being purchased/funded by Hackspace. As for who would actually order it etc, I would hope someone from the committee would take on this task. An alternative method could be as I already have an account with Record Power, I could order the item – As the value of the item is very high, I would however need to money transferred to my account first.

Installation should be very straight forward and doesn’t require an additional equipment that we don’t already have. The Saw would sit in the current location used and is provided with a new stand. I would be very happy to set it up as soon as it arrives and then calibrate it.

As for maintenance – Again I would be very happy to look after the saw and ensure it is in a safe condition and is being used correctly. I can provide inductions as required.

What are the benefits (current issues and how this overcomes them)

I think in this case the benefits are pretty straight forward.


First and foremost is safety. As previously mentioned, our current setup is missing some of the safety features and many items on the saw are broken or missing. Our current selection of blades are also worn out and I have noticed have missing, broken teeth – I can only put this down to people using the wrong blade to cut a certain material.


The proposed saw is of a much higher quality not only in materials but also in the accuracy and operation of its parts. This would mean we would be able to make precise, straight and square cuts. We would also be able to perform operations such as re-sawing timber (milling larger stock into smaller usable pieces for our projects). Having a larger and more powerful motor in addition to a selection of different blades would allow us to cut a wide range of materials (including metal).


Finally I truly believe, people are put off using our current setup as, it not only looks wrecked, it doesn’t really work very well. With that and the fact we are missing most of the accessories, I think we are giving a large floor portion of the floor space to an underused resource.

Replacing the current saw will not only excite members to “have a play” with the new tool, but also allow members who were originally put off by our current setup, access to a decent, safe and working tool! (remember the metal lathe scenario)

It will replace the current Bandsaw and thetefore will be positioned in the same location in the workshop

£499 (Saw) + Delivery Cost

  • full funded by Hackspace

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Committee Sanity Check:

A majority committee vote is needed for all proposals. A large purchase proposal needs to be passed by the committee before members can vote on it.

  1. Nick G
  2. Matt G
  3. x


  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes.
  • A medium proposal needs 10 votes
  • A large purchase proposal needs a majority vote at a quorate meeting (see large purchase props for more info). Proxy votes are included.
  1. Ryan H
  2. Toby S
  3. Felix H
  4. Emily G
  5. Jonny T
  6. Chris J
  7. Samuel F
  8. Tom G
  9. Jon D
  10. Oliver H

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