Lathe Proposal 1


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Barry Norman

Since Matt Venn departed to sunny Spain along with his Myford the Hackspace has been sadly lacking what I consider to be a fundamental piece of equipment, a general purpose manual centre lathe. The Hardinge lathe looked hopeful but was unfortunately too much of a handful in more than one way.

This proposal is 1 of 2 that should be compared:-

  • This proposal for the used Harrison M 250 lathe
  • The other proposal is for a brand new Warco lathe.

They represent 2 very different approaches to our needs. In a nutshell I am comparing a used high quality machine with a lower quality but new and shiny machine. I believe that both are good representatives of their genres. Let me be clear - I want only one of these 2 proposals to go through, not both.

Let me set out a few key things that we should consider:-

  • We don't want a repeat of the Hardinge situation - we soon discovered that we had taken on a lathe that needed a lot of money spending on it to make it fit for our needs. Whatever we get to replace it should be ready to go once installed
  • Our experience of running a 3 phase machine with an inverter is not good. Even if we still have the inverter I believe it was not used successfully. We may need to buy a new inverter if a 3 phase machine is chosen.
  • Cost of spare parts - It should be understood that genuine Harrison parts are pricey but available. Also note that Warco parts have gone out of production when new models are released and old ones obsoleted.
  • Size of work that can be accommodated - The Harrison has a slightly greater distance between centres but the Warco with its gap bed can accommodate greater diameters.

Harrison M 250 manual centre lathe
Condition: USED (previous life was in a university lab)
Location: Fishponds, Bristol.
280mm swing over bed
NOT Gap bed
1016mm between centres (long bed)
40 - 1500 rpm
35mm spindle bore
Metric lathe and dials
3 phase. (would need an inverter)
Digital readout
3 jaw chuck
4 jaw chack

(Location: Fishponds, bristol)

This lathe is no larger than the Hardinge. A space is being factored into and reserved for the new lathe in the upcoming new layout of G10 currently being planned by the committee.

This lathe is a 3 phase unit so a suitable inverter will be needed. Transwave have been recommended as makers of good quality converters. They make rotary and static converters. The rotary unit costs £610 + VAT. The static unit costs £396 + VAT. I have priced for the rotary unit, apparently they are more versatile.

£5052 includes 3 phase converter, delivery and VAT.

cost breakdown
£3300 Lathe itself from Machine Tool Sales Online. In Fishponds.
£250 delivery to the main entrance
£610 3hp Rotary converter by Transwave
£50 delivery to the main entrance
£842 VAT

  • full funded by Hackspace

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