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Sockets and Spanners and Screwdrivers.


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Russell Couper

We currently have a shocking selection of spanners and sockets and screwdrivers. Granted the draws are full of the things but when it comes to the crunch and you need to tighten your nuts or have your loose screw adjusted the actual usable tooling is simply not there. In short we do not have a functional socket set, the spanner set is missing all the common sizes and only about three of the screwdrivers are serviceable.

The Proposal is to purchase,

  1. A quality 3/8“ metric socket set from a manufacturer that can supply spares in the event any are lost or broken.
  2. A quality 1/4” metric socket set from a manufacturer that can supply spares in the event any are lost or broken.
  3. Two medium quality metric combination spanner sets.
  4. Screwdriver set. Containing a range of sizes of Flat, Philips and Pozi drive screwdrivers.
  5. Pliers set whist we're at at.
  6. Shadow Board / Storage. Materials for this.
  7. Marking compounds to give DIY equivalent results to Cermark.

TengTools (Sweedish) have been selected for the socket sets as they are modestly priced and I have had very good personal experience with them and have owned a 1/2“ set for approx 22 years and have never let me down. More importantly they are an established company who can supply individual spares should any parts of the set become lost or broken. They also offer a lifetime guarantee.
Magnusson are part of the Kingfisher group so they are essentially Screwfix (generic DIY) own brand. and some sources suggest either a 5 year or lifetime guarantee on their tools.
I have chosen to get two combination spanner sets as there is often the need to tighten a nut + bolt which needs two spanners of the same size.

The Cermark marking compound is a DIY equivalent to something that is in the order of £100 a tin. It allows indelible permanent surface marking of various metals using a laser engraver that fuses the compound to the metal surface. ie mark as much of the new tooling with a Hackspace logo as is feasible. As the branded stuff if very expensive and there are good DIY recipes that require some experimentation so I have budget in for that.

Only Metric is being considered for this proposal. I hope you understand.

As damaged and substandard tools can at worst be dangerous to use and at best annoying and damaging to the equipment you are working on. This proposal involves permanently removing or destroying ALL the old random spanners, sockets and screwdrivers from the hackspace that this proposal is replacing.

Cheap and budget tools have not been considered because of the chance of them being substandard, ie hazardous, and the overall dissatisfaction experienced from using such tools. There is also the real chance of the very cheapest spanners snapping and ratchets slipping etc which can cause injury which I have experienced first hand, and then on the other hand. There is also the concept of stocking the workshop properly or else there is no advantage to being part of the larger collective and the benefit of access to tools you might not have or afford as an individual.

Everything is sourced from Screwfix as it is convenient.
Cheaper sources are available for the proposed tooling manufacturer however the cost benefit of postage or travel to collect far outweighs the financial advantage.

How exactly will what you buy fit into hackspace?
Replacing existing and missing equipment.

Sockets and Spanners and Screwdrivers
Quantity Item Make Source Stock No Cost
1 1/4” Socket set TengTools Screwfix 79174 £34.99
1 3/8“ Socket Set TengTools Screwfix 85058 £87.99
2 Combination spanners Magnusson Screwfix 6854v £17.99
1 22 piece screwdriver Set Magnusson Screwfix 3853v £29.99
2 3 piece pliers set Magnusson Screwfix 7362v £12.99
1 Shadow board / Storage Materials Selco / Screwfix - - - - £40.00
1 Marking compound To Be Announced To Be Announced - - - - £30.00
Total Estimate £284.93
  • full funded by Hackspace

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Committee Sanity Check:

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  1. Russell C
  2. Nick G
  3. Toby S


  1. Richard S
  2. Tom G
  3. John Willis
  4. Michael W
  5. Johnny T

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