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New Laser Tube


Awaiting Approval

Nic Marshall

Lets replace the tube

I propose the random power value of 25 to use as a something for us to define when we buy a new tube. The laser now cuts at this value.

Here's my reasoning: If the original min power value is 10 and its maximum is 75 then the creep up to 25 suggests that its lost 23% of its cutting power value range. I propose a 23% loss is a good enough indicator to buy a new tube.

£500 (plus postage? websitse doesnt say, so £550 at a guess?)

  • full funded by Hackspace

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  1. Nic Marshall
  2. Ryan David Hale
  3. Ed Rogers
  4. Jonny Taphouse
  5. Pam Davis
  6. Joe Dusta
  7. Oliver H
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  9. x
  10. x


  1. Ian Abbott-Stratford
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