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G10 Consumables Improvements


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Matt G

This proposal builds upon John W's consumables list groundwork. It aims to improve the consumables situation in G10 by doing the following:

  • Procure, install, & label a specific, separate, & obvious storage area for all the G10 consumable items.
  • Add the existing collection of nuts, bolts, and washers to the consumables list, so it can be restocked.
  • Round off the consumables list with a few more useful things, like power screwdriver bits.
  • Order in stocks of new items, and items currently on the list but never actually procured (eg: wood screws).

To do this, this proposal requires the consumables list to be updated. The current consumables list with proposed additions can be viewed here. The items being added to the list by this proposal are highlighted in GREEN. Items already in the list that will be stored in the new area have been highlighted in BLUE. The items to be removed from the list (because they've been superseded) have been highlighted in RED.

TLDR? A summery of the proposed additions:

  • 'Bolts' in a variety of lengths from M2 to M10. M2-M4 with socket hex heads. M5-M10 with external hex heads.
  • Assorted Washers & Nuts from M2 - M12.
  • Pozi power screwdriver bits for the wood screws already on the list.
  • Jigsaw blades.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Aluminium Oxide Paper on the roll (to stop folks nicking Nick M's).

To create the consumables area in G10, it is proposed that the following would be bought:

The total cost for these items £133, so to include a leeway for incidental costs, etc, it is proposed that £150 agreed upon as a maximum cost for the installation of the consumables area.

The consumables area installation would consist of two purchased sets of drawers, and a custom-made cabinet designed to hold the items that don't easily go in drawers. These three units would be fixed together under a large banner detailing how the consumables area should be used.

The combined unit would be installed along the back of the workbenches in G10, below the shelves.

Max £150 for the installation of the consumables area.

The total restock cost of everything on the consumables list will increase by approx £186.

  • Consumables budget for consumables
  • Hackspace funded for storage & labeling solution

The hackspace wiki


  1. Ryan H
  2. Kaspar E
  3. Joe Dusta
  4. Jonny Taphouse
  5. Jon Davis
  6. Hermione Moore
  7. Jonathan Allen
  8. Pam Davis
  9. Ross Mowat
  10. Richard Lawrence


  1. Matt G
  2. Toby S
  3. Russ C

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