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Hackspace Website Upgrade


Awaiting Approval

Arthur Amarra

The Hackspace web presence is scattered in various places. The current WordPress website is broken to logins, has minimal functionality, and is a security risk.

This proposal is to use full-stack web development using either:

  • Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • other frameworks

To upgrade the Hackspace website. Requirements (in order of priority):

  1. smoother member application process & easier card request
  2. a wiki (editable by members only)
  3. A public forum and public-facing website
  4. automatic sign-up to Mailchimp and Google groups once membership is approved
  5. EventBrite integration for skillshares
  6. a place to store files e.g. Tool list & consumables spreadsheets, videos
  7. a better calendar (laser cutter booking calendar?)
  8. Flickr integration, Social media integration
  9. integration of laser cutter logging/credit system
  10. possible integration of payment & subscription payment system on website
  11. possible integration of RFID logbook system (anyone in)

An external firm (CookiesHQ, based near Tobacco Factory nearby) has Ruby on Rails expertise and are willing to train a hackspace volunteer who is interested in learning full-stack web development. I (Arthur) have spoken to them and due to this being a community project they will charge us much less than what they charge commercial clients. The hackspace volunteer can provide a valuable training opportunity to a young person or someone who wants to get into full-stack web development.

The hackspace volunteer is optional, they can develop the site without a volunteer but it would be good for us to have a web maintainer/developer. I propose we also pay this volunteer for their services.

If someone has full-stack web development expertise or know a firm willing to do this for a lower price, please let us know in the mailing list discussion.

online (hackspace VPS or server)


  • full funded by Hackspace

one hackspace volunteer


  1. Nic Marshall
  2. John Willis
  3. Ryan D Hale
  4. Jon Dowling
  5. Jonny Taphouse
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x


  1. Arthur Amarra
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x
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