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Thermal Imaging camera


Awaiting Approval

Russel Couper

Ever wanted to measure hot stuff? Circuits exploding and wanna find out why? Wanna monitor your slime mould? 3d printer, laptop, plug sockets overheating?

Then lets buy a thermal imaging camera for hackspace!! Specifically the Flir E4, which is upgradeable.

  • Flir E4 Thermal Imaging camera
  • used; ebay

next to oscilloscpes on electronics bench


  • full funded by Hackspace

The hackspace wiki


  1. Jonny Taphouse
  2. nic marshall
  3. Tom Gardner
  4. John Davis
  5. Harry Gee
  6. Ross Mowat
  7. Richard Lawrence
  8. Jon Dowling
  9. John Davis
  10. Michele Benetti
  11. Chino Dutfield


  1. Russel Couper
  2. Nick Gover
  3. Ian Abbott-Stratford
  4. x

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