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CNC Mill



Nic Marshall

The aim of this proposal is to purchase a small accurate 2nd-hand CNC Mill, capable of milling small objects out of steel & aluminium billet.

These units come to market sporadically and are snapped up quickly, so rather than specifying a exact machine to purchase, or an exact model to look out for, this proposal would see the creation of a focus-group who will search for a machine to purchase, and will have access to the agreed funds. They will also be responsible for installing and commissioning the purchased machine.

The creation of this focus-group is intended to provide the agility necessary to secure a mill on the 2nd-hand market, without entrusting significant communal funds to the whims of a single member.

To maintain that agility, the focus group will contain a max of 5 people, and entry to the group will be open to any hackspace member who is willing to commit the necessary time and effort into the search for, purchase of, and installation of the mill.

The purchase of a machine will require a unanimous vote from the members of the focus-group.

A basic set of inexpensive mill bits will also be purchased, for the general use of all members as well as for inductions, etc.

These may at a later date be included in on the consumables list.

If users require capabilities beyond this these, they will be expected to provide their own bits.

The focus-group will aim to purchase a mill of similar or better specification, quality, and work size, and to the Denford Novamill.

The specification of the Novamill is:

  1. X Travel - 225
  2. Y Travel - 115
  3. Z Travel - 115
  4. RPM - 5000
  5. Motor - .5HP
  6. Closed Loop Spindle Control - Yes

The purchased machine will be in full working order. The final installation will be fully enclosed and include a computer + software to drive the machine.

The focus-group will specifically not be looking at Chinese machines which tend to have poor run-out.

The mill and its computer would be installed in G10, either on the current wall benches or on a separate table (depending on the outcome of the upcoming rearrange.)

The installation of the mill will include connecting to our existing extraction system.

An installation event/evening will be organised and run the focus-group to carry this out.

Up to £2000.

Machines of this standard typically sell between £600 and £1600 on the second hand market, with the higher end of the range tending to be fully reconditioned machines complete with a computer.

The total budget is intended to include an allowance for sundry installation costs such as extraction parts, furniture, etc, as well as a set of general purpose bits for member's use.

  • full funded by Hackspace

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  1. Kaspar (proxy)
  2. Richard Lawrence
  3. Ed Rogers (proxy)
  4. Nic Marshall
  5. Jonny Taphouse
  6. Joe Dusta
  7. Nick G
  8. Matt G
  9. Ian A-S
  10. Toby S
  11. Russell C
  12. Sam F
  13. Emily G

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