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Laser upgrades- fume extraction tube and lens


Awaiting Approval


10m of 150mm diamter dust tube to replace current fume extraction tube for laser cutter. Current tube falling apart.

5 x New lenses from china. create a stock for this 6 monthly disposable item

pipe to be installed by any hackspace member. lenses to be stored for future use in maintenance box

lenses £45.66
150MMSEMI-RIGID ALUMINIUM FLEXIBLE DUCTING - 3M - 150MMModel: GALALI-150 Quick Search: QS464 £38.562£77.12
150MMGALVANISED SAFE MALE SLEEVE COUPLING - 150MMModel: GALNPU-150 Quick Search: QS1633 £4.01 4£16.04
310G SEALANT - SILICONE BASED CLEARModel: GALFIX-HDS-310-SILI Quick Search: QS1340 £5.211£5.21
TAPE - ALUMINIUM - 100MM X 45MModel: GALFIX-TP-100-ALI Quick Search: QS11071 £17.061£17.06
xtotal £161.09
  • full funded by Hackspace

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small proposal

  1. Nic Marshall
  2. Jonny Taphouse
  3. Oliver H
  4. Jon Dowling
  5. Richard Lawrence
  6. kathy hinde
  7. john Willis agree with change to fireproof ducting
  8. daniel bailey


  1. Nick Gover
  2. Toby S - if fire proof ducting is specified.
  3. Ian Abbott-Stratford - if fire proof ducting is specified.
  4. Russell Couper - if fire proof ducting is specified.

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