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Dust extraction system


Awaiting Approval Nic Marshall

The current dust extraction system is shitty. Lets solve it!

  • air filtration system: broken- in parts. bits missing
  • chip extractor: broken- not sure, think its a wiring issue
  • dust extractor: broken- motors are screwed.

Tools that should have extraction:

  • bandsaw
  • drill
  • wood lathe
  • belt sander
  • hand sanders

all these extractors have been either fixed several times before and keep breaking or have been in the process of being fixed for months. I suggest solving this with buying new equipment.

  • Dust extractor suggested is a 2 motor beefy stand alone unit. Great for connecting up several tools: record-power-dx4000



  • General tidy up vacuum cleaner: Charles vacuum (This will replace my broken henry)


  • dust vacuum extractor: record-power-dx4000: £349.99
  • extractor clips etc: £250
  • air filtration system: Jet AFS-1000B Air Filtration System: £386.93
  • vacuum cleaner: Charles vacuum: £129
  • total: £1116
  • hackspace to cover it

The hackspace wiki


  1. nic marshall
  2. John Davis
  3. Jon Dowling
  4. Libby Miller
  5. Mike Thomson
  6. Tyrone Probert
  7. Pamela Davis
  8. Marcus Hember
  9. Jonny Taphouse
  10. Kathy Hinde
  11. Kaspar


  1. Nick Gover
  2. Russel Couper
  3. Toby Seely
  4. Ian Abbott-Stratford
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