Power supply replacement for laser cutter

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Brand Spanking New


Nic Marshall


Laser cutter broken. Following discussion with Just Add Sharks, the best bet is that the power supply needs replacing. This can be supplied by Just add sharks


Get laser workin again


MYJG80R power supply: £400



Funding source/model:

Hackspace funded for now.

An investigation into back charging laser users with the card system could happen to partially/fully reimburse the hackspace kitty.

The votes (drumroll...)

Member supporters:
  • Nic Marshall
  • Russel Couper
  • Mary Kirri
  • Ed Rogers
  • Dan Bailey
  • Oliver H
  • John Willis
  • Tom Gardner
  • Matt G
  • Mike Thomas
  • Michael Thomson
  • Jon Dowling
Committee supporters:
  • David H
  • Ian S
  • Arthur A
  • Toby S
  • David W
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