Title: Pressure Cooker for Sterilisation of Organic Material

Submission Date: 01/12/2016

Current Status: Approved

Proposer: Emily Gover

Description: BioHack is interested in pursuing a project in growing mushrooms, with a long term goal of developing myecelium that can be baked to create biodegradable containers. It has been recommended to grow the mushrooms in chaff, a common farm waste product, but large amounts of this material will grow mould and other contaminants. Obviously this is not ideal for our lungs or the mushrooms' ability to grow. To create a “clean” substrate, we plan to boil the chaff at 120 C for 15 mins, replicating an autoclave cycle for sterilising surgical instruments. We already have the hot plates but require a pressure cooker to achieve this high temperature in a safe manner within the Hackspace. We would like to purchase a Tower 6L pressure cooker: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tower-T90101-Pressure-Cooker-Silver/dp/B00NB27Q5Q/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&qid=1481117541&sr=8-30&keywords=top+10+pressure+cooker

Budget: £39.99

Funding source/model: Fully funded by Hackspace

Resources depended upon: The hackspace wiki

Member supporters:

Tom Gardner John Willis Ben Taylor

Committee supporters:

David W David H Russell D

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