Hackspace Proposal

Title: Scroll saw refurbishment

Submission Date: 23-09-2016

Current Status:

Proposer: Chris Wallace

Description: A budget scroll saw has been donated to the hackspace but has been little used and undocumented. Inspection and trial shows that the saw is very difficult to use with pinned blades (which are necessarily very deep) but has the ability with the addition of suitable blade holders to be used with the pinless blades. There are a number of other improvements which could be made but the scroll saw would be usable with the addition of the blade holders and a supply of pinless skip-tooth blades.

The addition of a usable scroll saw would be a useful addition to the range of Hackspace tools since it fits between the laser cut for thin materials and the bandsaw for simple cutting.

(actually this work has already been undertaken and the saw is now working well. There is a web page to support the use of the saw)

Budget: £35

Funding source/model: Hackspace

Resources depended upon: None

Member supporters: Richard S, Sab, Tom G, John W, Tyrone Probert

Committee supporters: Ian S., Toby S., David W.

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