Title: Used Transwave 2.2Kw Rotary 3 phase converter for the Hardinge Lathe

Submission Date: 2016-08-24

Current Status:

Purchased: Item £199 petrol £12.48


John Willis

Description: Update 2016-10-19 One available on ebay now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transwave-phase-converter-/262666137287?hash=item3d281f2ec7:g:-VYAAOSwh2xX-kIZ

2 off 2.2 KW 3 HP transwave rotary singel to 3 phase converters have sold on Ebay for less than £300

£275: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transwave-Rotary-Converter-Input-240v-Output-415v-2-2kw-/222232242743?cost.

£165: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRANSWAVE-Rotary-Converter-3hp-2-2kW-Three-Phase-240v-to-415v-Bridgeport-Mill-/112042617126?hash=item1a1642a926:g:ko4AAOSwhOVXdBaI

Transwave have said that this model is suitable to run a hardinge Lathe during a telephone conversation.

It is reasonable to expect to be able to buy and collect one of these converters for under £300 so I hae amended this request to ask for a budget of up to £300 to be made available to a team to buy one of these converters for the hardinge.

I am prepared to be part of the team.




The Transwave literature states that this needs a decdicated 20 amp power supply with 2.5mm cable and we assume that it will work on a ring main for initial testing.

We don't know much about converters so dont know how to test check one before purchase.

Several members appear to have confused Transwave Static Converters with their rotary converters. My understanding is that static converters provide 3 phase power to start a motor but then run on single phase. This is not suitable for the Hardinge which has multiple motors and derives its single phase supply for the control electrics form the 3 phase supply.

This request is at odds with actions from the last members meeting.

Funding source/model:


Resources depended upon:

Members to take part in the purchase and set it up.

People to connect it.

Member supporters:

  1. Richard Sewell
  2. Oliver H
  3. Barry
  4. Adam Armfield
  5. Chris Lynas
  6. Jonathan Taphouse
  7. Sab

Committee supporters:

  1. David Wyatt
  2. David Henshall
  3. Russel Dicken
  4. Ian S
  5. Toby Seely
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