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Large CNC Router

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Nic Marshall

Lets get a powerful CNC router that can carve or machine out large designs. Lets also kit it out with a decent booth for sound reduction and dust extraction.

From wooden furniture, to foam sculptures, to small metal brackets this will do all the hardcore, more ambitious things the laser cant. The booth will also make it a luxurious cruising experience.

The end goal of this proposal will be to allow hackspace to cnc route larger objects with speed. The size and speed we get will be defined by however much cash we raise. Our two affordable purchasing options seem to be through a website like aliexpress and getting a new chinese machine or through ebay and purchasing a second hand machine.


CNC Router LT1212

  • Title: LT 1212
  • machining area xyz: 1200x1200x150
  • spindle: 1.5-3kw (we choose)
  • speed: 7000mm/min
  • accuracy: 0.025mm
  • costs: £1500


PRO4848 4' x 4' CNC Router

  • Title: PRO4848 4' x 4' CNC Router
  • machining area xyz: 1308 x 1308 x 304mm
  • spindle: 2.2kw
  • speed: 12700mm/min
  • accuracy: 0.127mm
  • costs: £7100

costs are currently a best guess guide. Things like timber and sheet material can be reduced by scavenging or donations. CNC Router cost is an upper end cost. Total cost should be a guide for the maximum we'll have to spend.

link to google spreadsheet

feel free to edit the spreadsheet

member donation and hackspace contribution


Member donation: Current survey has £1070 as suggested donation

Hackspace contribution: £500 (this could be raised after the committee have figured out the hackspace kitty outgoings further)

Running Costs

Machine maintenance will be minimal and time based. Things like motors and bearings wearing out will take too long to realistically include in a budget.

This proposal therefore suggests a running cost of £5 an hour to keep it the same as the laser cutter.

This section will consider how this machine will be installed.


Under the mezzanine. Space to sub let of Nic Marshall

This space can fit a machine with a footprint of 2m x 3m

This section covers things that are relevant but can be considered after the machines purchase.


A group of 5 people should be trained on maintaining and inducting the machine.

Maintenance tasks (if anyone know cnc router maintenance please help put tasks in here):

  • alignment
  • keeping cnc cutting tools stocked

Current people who have expressed an interest for this team is:

Material Stock:

Current material stocking system will be used.

Usage Charge Payment System:

An RFID system.


Members Support

Committee supporters:

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