Title: Donate £30 to help rebuild Eric the Robot

Submission Date: 16/05/2016

Current Status: Expired not enough member supporters by Kickstarter end date


Description: The Science Museum has set up a Kickstarter to provide funding to rebuild Eric the UK's first Robot.


£30 will get:

Bristol Hackspace on the list of supporters during the Science Museum Robots Exhibition ( Feb - Sept 2017 ) and on the website

A mini 2D Eric model

A thank you video from Eric

A photo of Eric

Regular project updates

Budget: £30

Funding source/model: Hackspace with optional top up by supporters

Top up supporters if Hackspace approves £30

John Willis £5

Libby Miller £5

Resources depended upon: None

Member supporters:

Michael Thomson

Adam Armfield

Richard Sewell

Committee supporters:

Toby Seely

David Wyatt

David Henshall

Ian S

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