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Nic Marshall


Lets silence up the router and control dust. Design and build a booth that will quieten the router and suck up the dust for more enjoyable usage.

The discussion leading up to the cnc router purchase and tool usage systems already in place specify a few things needed in order for hackspace members to be able to use this tool. These things are:

  • Sound and dust management
  • Card reader
  • Induction system
  • Maintenance system

This proposal will tick the first box (which is easily the biggest task), and satisfy the health and safety requirements of hackspace.

Additional notes (feedback from meetings/people):

  • This booth will be owned by hackspace. This is neccessary to say because if the router, which is owned by me (Nic Marshall), is taken away for any reason then hackspace will keep the dust booth and apply it over another tool.
  • This booth will make the router a better tool to use in a shared space, i.e other people can use other tools in the same room without being pestered by dust and noise.

The Details:



*acceptable noise levels:*

Noise Average decibels (dB)
Leaves rustling, soft music, whisper 30
Average home noise 40
Normal conversation, background music 60
Office noise, inside car at 60 mph 70
Vacuum cleaner, average radio 75
Heavy traffic, window air conditioner, noisy restaurant, power lawn mower 80-89 (sounds above 85 dB are harmful)

So a sweet aim would be a reduction to 60db. However anything below 85db will render the machine not harmful.

=Noise measurements (using Johns tool, thanks John!):=

  • action: cnc router smashing 5mm deep into mdf with 12.7mm bit at 1000mm/min
  • noise level: averaged on 100db


The booth should reduce sound by at least 20db. We should aim for a 40db reduction though.



I currently have no idea how to measure dust. Would appreciate input from members on this.

The current plan is to have the extractor inside the booth with the router. This will keep all dust sealed and eliminate the need for a hole in the booth for the extraction pipe.


figures are estimates at the moment

  • 50x100mm timber: £72
  • 9mm cladding (ply or plasterboard: £200
  • insulation (i.e. rockwall insulation slabs): £225
  • booth doors (10mm polycarbonate or double glazing units): £?
  • hinges: £5.00
  • handles: £5.00
  • sound seal (rubber trimming?): £20.00


max £600

Funding source/model:

Hackspace funded

Resources depended upon:

The hackspace wiki

The votes (drumroll...)

Member supporters:
  • Nic Marshall
  • Ed rogers
  • Russel Couper
  • John Willis
  • Toby Scott
  • Jamie Hartley
  • Sab
  • Yuan Xue
  • John Whittington
  • Matt G
Committee supporters:
  • Ian Stratford
  • Toby Seely
  • David Henshall
  • David Wyatt
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