Title: Bandsaw Blades

Submission Date: 16/03/16

Current Status: Awaiting approval from membership and committee

Proposer: David H

Description: Consumable - Bandsaw Blade 2096mm ( 82 1/2“ ) x 3/8” x 6tpi

Bandsaw Blades break/wear out over time. As such they can be viewed as a consumable. This proposal requests this item be places on a consumables list to be automatically replaced in future as long as the addition of the item does not exceed the agreed annual consumable expenditure budget. The initial purchase of 2x Bandsaw Blade 2096mm ( 82 1/2“ ) x 3/8” x 6tpi sourced from ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/310378358995

Budget: £25.58 for 2x at £12.79 Each

Funding source/model: Hackspace Consumable
This item to be allowed to be repeat purchased on the condition that it's acquisition does not result in exceeding the agreed Hackspace annual consumable budget.

Resources depended upon: The hackspace wiki

Member supporters: Matt G, John W, Joe E, Ross M, Toby Scott,

Committee supporters: David H

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