Title: P Touch 1000 cassette consumabel purchase and re-stocking proposal

Proposal date: 25/2/16

Current Status: Awaiting Approval

Proposer: John Willis

Description: 3 off Ptouch 1000 cassettes These are to be replaced automatically so when there is only one tape left the person who loads the machine should buy another 3 tapes. Supplier: Ebay - Dynamic Range Clothing Cost £7.69

Budget: £10 now ( to allow for for price changes during the anticipated protracted discussion ) annual £25 per year estimate

Funding source/model: Hackspace + Hackspace re-stock budget

Resources depended upon: None

Member supporters:

Toby Scott, Tom Gardner, Jonathan Taphouse, Richard Sewell

Committee supporters:

David Wyatt, David Henshall, Toby Seely, Ian S

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