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Hackspace Proposal

Submission Date: 22/1/16

Current Status: Incomplete

Proposer: John Willis

Description: Provision of a 415 volt 3 phase power supply for the Hardinge Lathe or modifying the lathe to run from 240 volt single phase.

Option 1: 240 volt single phase to 440 volt 3 phase digital Inverter

Drives Direct DSA5 costing £1000

Option 2: Provide 3 phase power to G10

Approximately £1000. The cable represents a significant part of this so it depends on the power rating of the supply. We are net getting much cooperation from the Landlord

Option 3: Transwave Rotary Converter



It looks like the minimum spec is the MT1.5 which will drive a 1.5 hp single motor and 2hp multiple motors. It looks like this can run form 13amps but we should provide a switched spur. The next size up needs a 20A fuse.

Risk - the manufacturers literature states it is not suitable for all motors. New Price: URL

MT1.5 £495 + VAT £99 + Delivery

MT2.2 £570 + VAT £114 + Delivery

Option 4: static converters running each motor

Option 5 Home build motor generator set

Option 6: 3 phase diesel or petrol generator


Funding source/model: Hackspace

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