Title: Purchase of items from Soundwell

Submission Date: 12/01/2016

Current Status: Approved

Proposer: John Willis

Description: Investigate items being disposed of by closure of Soundwell and purchase such items as are deemed useful to Hackspace

Sofa £30

Sofa £30

chairs £12, £15

Metal Cabinet £40
rubbish bins £2 - £5

Shelving £40 (wall full typical)

Woodwork bench on wheels £100

step stool £5

coat stand

electrical component drawers £15

retort stand £2 clamps a bit more

Carpet tiles £0.40
untested desk top computer £10
box of reels of thread probably no charge if with other stuff

Price wasn't available for the following items
Meddings 240 volt bandsaw

Meddings Pillar Drill

dust extractor

scroll saw

thermostatic bath

Trunking and electrical sockets

ceiling mounted extractor

Bench PSU

air filter elements
helicopter simulator?

  • £300 max

Total: £300.00 max

Funding source/model: Hackspace funded

Resources depended upon:

Vehicle to move a sofa approx 1.8m x 1m x 1m Volunteers to put up shelves

Member supporters:
  • Alex Angel
  • Tom Gardner
  • Richard Sewell
  • Oliver Humpage
  • Toby Scott
  • Sab
  • Ben Taylor
Committee supporters:
  • Russell Dicken
  • David Henshall
  • Ian Stratford
  • David Wyatt
Items Supported
ItemSupported byAgainst
UnspecifiedIS, DH, RD, AA, RS, OH, TS, BT -
sofaJW, TS, DW-
Chairs- TG
Metal Cabinet for chemicalsJW, DW-
shelvesJW, TG, TS, DW-
Bench on Wheels--
Step StoolJW, DW-
Component Drawers with components-TG
Coat StandJWOH, TG, TS, DW
Retort Stand and clampsJW, DW-
Chemicals and Lab kitJW, DW-
Desk top computerJW-
Box of thread--
BandsawJW, IS, TS, S-
Pillar DrillJW, IS, TS, S-
Scroll SawJW-
Trunking and ceiling mounted extractorJW-
Thermostatic BathJW-
Bench PSU--
Filter Elements--
HelicopterJW, IS-


Metal cabinet £40 Free items quantity of twin slot shelving 2 seat sofa step stool

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