Title: Hardinge Lathe - unload, move to final location and prepare a budget for single phase working.

Submission Date: 15/12/15

Current Status: Approved at the AGM

Proposer: John Willis

Description: A Hardinge Lathe has been offered to Hackspace for no charge. Hardinge Lathe Info Page with pictures It will require:

  • Clearing the space
  • Offloading and moving into position
  • Three phase power supply or conversion to run off single phase.

The lathe is clean, working, and was in use until recently, and comes with 3 & 4 jaw chucks and collets. There is a good description of Hardinge Lathes on Hardinge Lathe on www.lathes.co.uk

The lathe will occupy a floor area of 1.8m x 0.75m and will require Operator space along the long side. It will require occasional access to the electrical cabinet on the right hand end and access to the rear for repairs.

This proposal covers offloading and moving the lathe and a budget to investigate and prepare a budget request for single phase working.

Outline Plan

  • Offload the lathe and move it to the position that was occupied by the old sofa.
  • Move the wood pile and make space around the woodpile / pinball machine for the Hardinge
  • Move the Hardinge to the target area

Main Risks

Can't get it working on 3 phase - We should be able to recoup the unloading cost by dismantling and selling the parts on ebay. The current owners tried to sell the lathe but no one wanted it.

Hackspace approach to the working in the workshop is not adequate for this Lathe and could resuult in serious injury or damage to the machine if not improved. The lathe has a powerful motor and is capable of causing serious injury, the collet chuck can be damaged if run without a collet, and swarf covered in cutting oil is messy even by hackspace kitchen standards. Hackspace members need to follow the rules about cleanliness, safety, and the need for induction with a machine like this.

Incident while unloading: The late is very heavy and unloaders risk serious injury or death if unloading goes wrong. The budget cover hire of properly sized lifting equipment.


Offload and second move: Up to £500 but expect to reduce this to £150.

Second Move:

Offloading: The lathe weighs approximately 1 ton and will either have to be unloaded from a flatbed truck with bed approximately 1 metre from the ground.

Offloading option 1: 1 day Hire of lifting equipment from Brandon Tools

         2 tonne swl steel gantry          £80.94
         2 off 2 tonne 6m webbing slings   £33.42
         2 tonne 6m manual chain hoist     £32.61
         2.5 tonne pallet truck            £36.39
         2 off roller crow bars            £18.12
         2 off D shackles                  £8   (  depends on shackle size)
         Contingency                       £100 ( an aluminium gantry costs £100 more than the steel on if the steel version is not ok )
         VAT                               £63
         Option 1 Tot £375
         Second Move:
         2.5 tonne pallet truck            £36.93
         2 off roller crow bars            £18.12
         contingency                       £50
         total                             £95
         Total both moves                  £470
         The proposer has no experience of moving objects of this weight so recommend rounding up to £500.
         I suspect members have access to most of the above but we would have to hire the gantry. 

3 phase power. The lathe has 3 motors and some control electronics and probably needs either true 440 volt 3 phase or considerable modification to the lathes circuitry. I recommend a budget of up to £100 to investigate ( to buy a circuit diagram if necessary ) and propose a project to convert the lathe. A telephone conversation

Actual cost of obtaining the lathe was £200 paid to PPB.

Funding source/model: Hackspace

Resources depended upon:

Members prepared to unload the lathe and clear the space, and investigate a 3 phase converter.

Member supporters: (approved at AGM)

Committee supporters: (approved at AGM)

Members prepared to work on the unloading / commissioning team:

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