Sofa Replacement


Brand Spanking New. Awaiting forum feedback

Getting a new sofa with the fire sticker to replace the old sofa without the fire sticker.

This new sofa should fit in the corner next to the storage shelves by the sink in g11 (please insert spec here)

up to £300 (including delivery if required)


Botla/Hackspace would own the sofa outright.

Purchase procedure

Once the budget has been agreed a group of 3 members can be agreed to make the purchase on behalf of the group. They would be given autonomy to buy the sofa they thought best of the group. To ensure transparency the progress would need to be reported on the list.

The group taking on the purchase of this item to consider how it fits in the space available. Does the space need further adjustment? Can the storage shelves be moved to improve the use of the space available?

Sindce my initial support for this we have got the biohack area working. The area is continually use as a dumping ground for junk and dirty crockery. I want to see a floor plan showing where the sofa will go and how much room is left for biohack.

Member supporters:

  • Nic Marshall
  • Libby Miller
  • Joe Egger
  • John Willis - provisional until I have seen a floor plan.
  • Jon Dowling

Committee supporters:

  • David Henshall
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