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Large Self Build CNC Router

brand spankin new baby!

Currently being sketched out for committee approval

Nic Marshall

Lets build a kick ass cnc router! Large bed, large height, great accuracy. To get things started i propose a self built 4'x4' machine, with a later goal to extend the machine to 8' or longer. We can store it under the mezzanine.

From furniture, to wooden sculptures, to small metal drone brackets this will do all the hardcore, more ambitious things the laser cant.

Time to drop the BOM people. I've started a basic list of stuff we'll need to get. Anyone who wants to help please insert things we'll need to get here. This will eventually become a goog spreadsheet and have buying source and costs as well:

  • Router
  • Router bracket
  • maker slide
  • axis sliders
  • Japanese ball screw
  • drivers
  • computer
  • solid table
  • extraction
  • see through booth


All money given toward this proposal will be explicitly understood as donations to Hackspace. There will be no financial return but there will be access to an incredible machine.

Once donations have been collected Hackspace will be responsible for the purchasing and then maintaining the machine.


The current costing guess is £1500. I will set up a spreadsheet that will let people say what they're willing to donate

Running Costs

Machine maintenance will be minimal and time based. Things like motors and bearings wearing out will take too long to realistically include in a budget.

This proposal therefore suggests a running cost of £5 an hour to keep it the same as the laser cutter.

Induction Fee

Inductors should get £15 per hour. Members should pay £10 each to be inducted. Any money above the inductors fee goes to hackspace.

This section will consider how this machine will be installed.

Machine Size

Does anyone know the rough footprint of a 4×4 machine with computer?


Under the mezzanine. Space to sub let of Nic Marshall

This section covers things that are relevant but can be considered after the machines purchase.


A group of 5 people should be trained on maintaining and inducting the machine.

Maintenance tasks (please help put tasks in here):

  • alignment

Current people who have expressed an interest for this team is:

Usage Charge Payment System:

An RFID system.


Members Opinions


  • Nic Marshall
  • Steph Tyszka
  • David H
  • Ian
  • Ross M

Committee supporters:

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