Hackspace Proposal

Pillar Drill Upgrade

David Henshall

Floor standing Pillar Drill.

Potential Budget Bands of:




Depending on specification agreed by the committee and membership this proposal requests a sufficient budget to buy a mid range Pillar Drill. Currently the entry level table top drill in the Hackspace does not sufficiently meet the needs of members to accurately drill holes in a range of materials.

The need for a better Pillar Drill has been expressed by members on the list and though setting up a smaller purchase proposal. This gained the requited backing from the membership but the budget or £300 for smaller purchased was not sufficient for the drill specified in the proposal. Original Pillar Drill Proposal

Potentially a bigger budget agreed in advance would be beneficial to ensure a suitable tool can be identified and bought.

The current Pillar Drill is a smaller Table Top model intended for light use. A larger floor standing drill would be better suited to the requirements of rage of Hackspace members.

A drill of this sort would be useful for a range of tasks ranging from:

- Electronics

- Metal work

- Wood Work

A mid rage machine dependent on budget and specification is requested. This may be new or second hand depending primarily depending on build quality but also features. Considering feedback from the list regarding this topic a budget of between £350 and £500 should be sufficient to find a suitable machine. A more accurate estimate of the budget needs to be agreed by the committee and membership to accommodate this the proposal suggests three price bands to choose one from.

Botlab/Hackspace to fund the complete purchase.

The date of the purchase needs to be agreed with the treasurer and committee in regard to cashflow.

Botla/Hackspace would own the machine outright as an asset.

Purchase procedure

Once the budget has been agreed a group of 3 - 4 members can be appointed to make the purchase on behalf of the group. They would be given autonomy to buy the machine they thought best of the group. To ensure transparency the progress would need to be reported on the list.


The location of the drill is yet to be confirmed.

Members have shown support for this type of acquisition though NiC Marshal's initial proposal. Original Pillar Drill Proposal

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