Hackspace Proposal

Pillar Drill Upgrade

Nic Marshall

Current pillar is pretty pants. We should upgrade to a decent floor standing one.

Current Limits

Current machine wobbles on usage. It has a weak motor (for instance it stops when you use a hole saw with it). It doesn't have a limit stop. You leave the current drill with a feeling of unwashable shame.

Proposal improvements

A higher quality machine will solve all the above. A floor standing machine will allow much larger pieces of work to be machined. Being able to drill holes in things is a critical part to most projects. Accurate and reliable drilling is a huge benefit.

This proposal suggests we get this beauty:

WARCO 2F Floor Standing Pillar Drill

All dosh to come from hackspace account.

Hackspace will own it.


The floor standing pillar will take the place of the existing pillar drill. The table the current drill is on will have to be removed.


Courier can be offered to the seller. Or collection can be arranged by a noble volunteer (the proposed ebay item is in west sussex). Or we can find another pillar drill on ebay with delivery offered.


  • Owen Wassal
  • Jo Duster
  • Ross Mowat
  • Jonny Taphouse
  • Jo Duster


Committee supporters:

  1. Matt Venn
  2. David Henshall
  3. Russel Dicken

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