Fixed 13A sockets for G10

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John Willis


17 off 13 Amp sockets fitted above bench level in G10

Socket IDOutlet IDlocationItems connectedWattsTypical ThursdayWorst Case WattsSource of Power InfoNotes
11Post by Laser cutterLaser Cutter, Air pump, Chiller, Extract fan100010001000JAS web pageAir pump, chiller & fan connected through the laser cutter
12Post by Laser cutterRoom dust extractor250250250--
21Post by Laser cutterRFID controller20-20guess-
22Post by Laser cutterFree--100laptop-
31Post by Laser cuttercomputer100-100guess-
32Post by Laser cuttercomputer monitor40-100guess-
41Post by Laser cutterBandsaw and Dust Extractor265016502650equipment plate-
42Post by Laser cutterFree--1500fan heater-
51Post by Laser cutterFree-----
52Post by Laser cutterFree-----
61Wall by GrinderPillar Drill350-750equipment plate probably 750 in future for floor maounted drill with 1HP motor
62Wall by GrinderGrinder250----
71Wall by GrinderFree-----
72Wall by GrinderFree-----
81Behind Wood LatheWood Lathe370370370--
82Behind Wood LatheFree-----
91Behind MillMill150015001500Guess 1kW spindle + steppers
92Behind Millcomputer100-100guess-
101Behind Millscreen40-40guess-
102Behind Millfree-----
111Woodwork / metalwork benchFree --100guess laptop-
112Woodwork / metalwork benchFree-----
121Woodwork / metalwork benchbattery charger505050guess-
122Woodwork / metalwork benchbatteery charger50-50guess-
131Woodwork / metalwork benchlamp505050guess-
132Woodwork / metalwork benchdust monitor101010guess-
141Woodwork / metalwork benchFree--2500electric hot plate-
142Woodwork / metalwork benchFree-15001500fan heater-
151Woodwork / metalwork benchFree-----
152Woodwork / metalwork benchFree-3601050Belt sander / bench router-
161Wall Near sinkbubble etch456-456--
162Wall Near sinkFree--500Extract Fanfuture use of area round hte sink as an extracted booth
171Wall Near sinkFree-250250vacuum cleaner
172Wall Near sinkFree-----

*Total Load*

-Normally ConnectedTypical ThursdayWorst Case

Items not normally connected

itempower Wsource of info
Scroll Saw50macnine plate
Table Router1050machine plate
Double Hot Plate2500Machine plate
Belt Sander360?Machine plate
Compressor-No information
Small grinder-Not looked
angle grinder-Not looked
glue gun50guess
circular saw-not looked
extract an-not looked
extract fan -not looked



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