Hackspace Proposal Title: Drill Bits

Submission Date: 2015-08-25

Current Status: Approved

Proposer: John Willis


Drills bits to be stored near the pillar drill for general use by all Hackspace Members.

29 piece HSS Drill set 1mm to 13mm 0.5mm steps

Supplier UK Drills

Price inc VAT & delivery £16.80

Reduced shank HSS drill set 14, 16,18,19,21,22,24,25mm 13mm shank

Supplier Supplier punkylamb ebay

Price inc VAT & delivery £20

Forstner bits 12,16,20,22,26,30,35mm Supplier Elite Workwear Ebay Price inc vat & collect from Argos £9.89

Contingency £5.00

Option: 170 piece Drill Set Supplier: UK Drills Price inc VAT £32.70 ( this would bring the UK Drills order to over £40 with Free Delivery so the Jobber Drills reduce to £11.80 )


Option 1 Working set only £49.47

Option 2 Working set + 170 spare small drills £78.69

Funding source/model: Hackspace

Resources depended upon: J Willis

Member supporters:

  • Tom Gardner; I support either option.
  • Joachim Egger; support either, but prefer option 2
  • Richard Sewell; option 2
  • Toby Scott
  • Ross Mowatt

Committee supporters:

  • Russell Dicken
  • David Henshall (in support of either option)
  • David Wyatt (either option)
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