Hackspace Proposal

Laser Cutter Reposition and Extraction Extension


Nic Marshall

I rent 1/3 of the G10. I've let the laser cutter stay in my space (in exchange for a little of hackspace's floorspace) because it originally had to be near the window for extraction. Toby and I have since drilled a hole in the wall and extracted it properly. It now stays in its current space for no particular reason.

I'm therefore returning the machine into the hackspace's side of the studio (as well as giving back the floorspace). In order for the machine to remain functional in its new space we need to extend the extraction pipe. This will require an 8m length of 4“ x 4” wood to span across the room with a 4m long 110mm diameter pipe attached to it for extraction.

This installation will be compatible with any new laser cutter we buy as well.

  • 2“ x 4” Timber (it will be doubled up): £39.60
  • 110mm pipe: £17.16
  • Jubilee Clips: £10
  • brackets: £9.90
  • 20% contingency (for unforeseen additions like reducers, special screws etc)

Total: £90

Sources: selco and screwfix

Hackspace Kitty

  1. Toby Scott
  2. Jonathan Taphouse (with extractor fitted by wall, not laser) Can also help.
  3. Steph Tyszka
  4. Joachim Edgar
  5. Ed Rogers
  6. John Willis
  1. Matt
  2. David H
  3. Patrick
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