Title: Do Not Hack Labels

Submission Date: 2005-04-06

Current Status: Agreed

Proposer: John Willis

Description: This proposal is intended to address 2 problems in G10

   Identifying material and work in prograss that can be hacked.
   Controlling dead & forgotten projects.

This will be done buy fixing coloured “Do Not Hack” labels to personal materials which will protect the work for a limited time 6 months.

Detail operation

   When an item is brought into the space the owner will stick on one or more Do Not hack labels of hte appropriate colour and addd theri contact info.
   A label will protect  the item from hacking for 6 months after the end of the quarter
   A label can be replaced by the owner if the work is not finished. 
   Out of date labels may be removed by anyone but will probably require maintenance effort 4 times a year. 
   4 colours will be used, one for each quarter of the year.
       Blue labels will be used during the 1st quarter and protect form hacking until October 1st
       Green labels will be used during the 2nd quarter and protect form hacking until January 1st
       Yellow labels will be used during the 3rd quarter and protect form hacking until April 1st
       Red labels will be used during the 4th quarter and protect form hacking until July 1st
   Label size:	63.5mm x 72mm 12 to an A4 sheet
   Type:		A4 sheets of laser printable labels
   Printed legend
       Bristol Hackspace
       DO NOT HACK
       <can be hacked date>
   Dates will not include the year so printed labels can  used in subsequent years, the odd item escaping for a second year is not seen as a problem. 
   Larger white peelable labels will be available to place under the coloured one for items where glue residue is not acceptable.
   Quantity: not sure but will start with 20 sheets ( 240 labels ) of green labels and 20 sheets of peelable labels ( 160 labels ) for this quarter & see how it goes
   Spend profile
      Immediate:	20 sheets ( 240 labels )s green labels & 
                      10 sheets white peelable labels 
       End of June	20 sheets ( 240 labels )  green
	        20 sheets ( 240 labels ) yellow
	        20 sheets ( 240 labels ) blue
	        20 sheets ( 240 labels )red
	        20 sheets ( 160 labels) white peelable
      annual recurring
	        2 x 20 sheets ( 240 labels ) of one colour
	        20 sheets ( 160 labels ) white peelable
       Prices from https://www.a4labels.com/


Now:			£13.36
End June:		£39.95
Annual recurring:	£22.75
      Budget Risk:	If we need a lot more lables and buy 100 sheet packs ( 1,200 labels per colour )  the end of June cost would increase to £135 

Funding source/model: hackspace

Resources depended upon:

Member acceptance
Explananatory notices & label storage to be set up during G10 improvement workshops. 

Member supporters:

  Nic Marshall,  

  Tom Gardner,    
  Ross Mowatt,    
  Toby Scott,
  Lee Wiltshire,
  Jonathan Taphouse

Committee Supporters:

  Matt Venn,    
  Russell Dicken,    
  David Henshall
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