Title: Proposal to use the newly available space in G10 as a bike building/repair and metalwork area.

Submission Date: 19.9.14

Current Status: Approved

Proposer: Nigel Cooksley

Description: I propose to use the corner of G10 as a bicycle/metalwork area. This would require installing a bench with large metalwork vice and wheel trueing jig , a bicycle workstand and hooks and a freestanding shelf for parts storage. To be able to share bike build/repair skills and to allow a space for metalwork and storage of metalwork tools. This could be used by hackspace members to repair their own bikes and for bike-related and other metalwork projects.

Budget: £0.00 - amazingly this one's free!

Funding source/model: The setup of the area will not require any funding however, if hackspace funds were available a metal bench would be beneficial.

Resources depended upon: I (Nigel Cooksley) will be able to provide the workstand and truing jig. We would need a bench and there is already a large record vice that is reportedly in the way in the woodwork area. Many bike-specific tools can be kept in the space. Other specialist tools can be borrowed by Nigel Cooksley. Funding may be available from Green Capital to run a bike recycling project.

Member supporters: Nigel C, Will P, Oliver H, Harry S, Barney L. T. Hutt, M Thompson, ASP

Committee supporters: DH, DW

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