Title: Vacuum Cleaner

Submission Date: 10/03/2015

Current Status: Agreed

Proposer: John Willis

Description: Wickes Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

To be used to clean sawdust, wood shavings, metal dust, and other dirt to keep G10 clean, and also for local extraction for the belt sander.

I use one of these in my garage workshop.

A bagless vacuum with a dust deposit at the rear Power Input: 1250W, AC 230V~50Hz Max Air Flow: 1.8m3 per minute Tank Size: 20L Has blowing and vacuum functions

A wet filter is available for £14.93 but thei will not be purchased at this time




Funding source/model: Hackspace Funded

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Member supporters:

Tom Gardner,

Nic Marshall,

Steph Tyszka,

Ross Mowatt,

Toby Scott.

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  • Russell Dicken
  • Matt Venn
  • David Henshall
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