Hackspace Proposal

Title: The purchase of two tool chests to organise and conglomerate the workshop tools and material to make a new workbench

Submission Date: 23/01/16

Current Status: Awaiting Approval

Proposer: Joseph Dusta

Description: Two tool chests with ample space for all hand tools (http://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/tool-chests-cabinets/stc1000-mechanics-8-drawer-tool-box-chest-cabinet), this will conglomerate and organise the tools we have in label faced drawers. By removing clutter for work surfaces people will more likely put tools away in there correct drawer as the transition area between bench and hooks is removed. Black and white, it is either in the drawer or being used, no in-between. With the benches and hooks clear I would like to construct a single height solid workbench with several vices affixed from recycled and salvaged material.

Budget: 180 GBP including delivery for two tool boxes 50 GBP for timber from the wood project and gumtree (will probably work out less)

Funding source/model: Hackspace funded

Resources depended upon: Hackspace funded

Member supporters: Sigy Pearce, Nic Marshall ,John Willis, Johnny Taphouse , Ross Mowat

Committee supporters: Arthur Amarra, Ian S, David H

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