Hackspace Proposal

Title:170 Piece Drill Set

Submission Date: 29/01/2016

Current Status: Awaiting Approval


Description: 170 piece drill magazine: Contains sizes 1.0mm - 10.0mm, increasing in increments of 0.5mm. You will get 10 of each size ranging 1.0mm - 8.0mm. You will get 5 of each size ranging 8.5mm to 10.0mm. For drilling steel, plastic, wood and similar materials.

Budget: £36

UK drills 170 piece drill magazine £32.70

Delivery £2.90

Funding source/model: Hackspace

Resources depended upon: None

Member supporters:

  • Ross Mowatt
  • Toby Scott
  • Johnathan Taphouse
  • Joe Dusta
  • Richard Sewell

Committee supporters:

  • Ian S
  • David Wyatt
  • Toby
  • David Henshall


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