Title: Craft tools box

Submission Date: 24/1/2016

Current Status: Approved

Proposer: David Wyatt

Description: To allow the space to run workshops on basic crafts more easily (such as the February 2016 Skillshare on corrugated cardboard modelling), I suggest buying a number of sets of tools and a box to keep them in.


Item Quantity Source Cost each Line total Notes
300mm steel rulers 12 Wilkinson (or Screwfix) £1.99 £23.88
Craft knives 12 Wilkinson £1.50 £18
Cutting mats (300mm x 220mm) 12 Wilkinson £2.50 £30
Plastic storage boxes 2 Wilkinson £3 £6 One of these would be used to store the existing Hackspace glueguns and gluesticks
Pencils 2 packs (10 each) Wilkinson £0.35 £0.70
Pencil sharpener 2 Wilkinson £0.35 £0.70

Subtotal: £79.28

10% contingency: £7.93 (as many of these are standard household items I will try to buy them more cheaply if possible easily - however for simplicity I propose obtaining them from high street shops rather than online)

Total: £87.21

Actual amounts spent:

  • Craft knives: £6 for 12
  • Boxes: £8 for 2
  • Pencils: £0.70 for 20
  • Pencil sharpener: £0.35 for 1
  • Cutting mats: £30 for 12

Funding source/model: Hackspace funds

Resources depended upon: None

Member supporters:

JW, TG, JoeD, JE, MV, RM

Committee supporters:


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