How to change over the committee

Some notes on how to change over the committee following members stepping down/being elected at the AGM.

  • Companies House: All committee members should be registered as Directors of BOTLab with Companies House. As soon as practical after the AGM, log into Companies House web filing and update the list of directors accordingly. To do this you will need, for each of the new directors:
    • their full name (including middle names),
    • their date of birth,
    • their nationality,
    • their occupation,
    • their addresses (both correspondence and home),
    • their country of residence,
    • and 3 pieces of personal information, out of: place of birth, telephone number, mother's maiden name, eye colour, father's first name, passport number or national insurance number [DW: the last time I did this on 17/4/2016 it didn't ask me for any of these!]
  • Bank account: All committee members should be able to use the BOTLab bank account (currently with Unity Trust Bank). This has two separate aspects (all forms can be found here):
    • Internet banking: This is the easiest to change. To give the new committee members access to the online banking system, fill out the “Internet Banking Application Form” giving the details of just the people to be added (not all the people you want to have access - this makes it quicker!), write “ADDITIONAL USERS” on the top of the form, get it signed by the right number of existing signatories (currently 2) and send it off. You want to give the new people “VSA” access to ensure they can View transactions, Submit payments and Approve others' payments. This will give the new people access to the account but will not remove departing committee members - see below…
    • Signatories to the account: All committee members also should be signatories to the account - not that this is used much at the moment, apart from signing the forms to change who has access to it! To do so, fill out the Change of Signatory Request Form and get it signed by all the new signatories. Once processed, this will remove the old signatories (i.e. people who have not signed the form) from both signatory status and access to internet banking.
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