Matt Venn, Barney Livingstone, David Wyatt (minute-taker), James Lopez, Nathan Dumont, Alex Angell, Russell Dicken, John Honniball, Anton Bowers, Toby Seely, Tarim, Mike Harris, David Henshall, Jon Dowling, Patrick Neave


  • Apologies for absence
    • Received from Katie Dumont
  • Approval of minutes of previous AGM, 16 Feb 2012
    • Approved unanimously
  • Financial reports for year ending 30 Nov 2012
    • Noted that outgoings are mainly rent, with some expenditure on equipment e.g. soldering station
    • Approved unanimously
  • Resignations and appointments of directors
    • Mike Harris, Tarim and Anton Bowers are resigning; Barney, Matt and David wish to continue.
    • By drawing resistors, Matt Venn is up for reelection.
    • People standing for (re-)election: David Henshall, Patrick Neave, Matt Venn.
    • Matt, David and Patrick are elected unanimously at each time.
  • Other posts in the committee
    • Deferred to the first committee meeting
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