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-=====Bristol Open Technology Lab AGM, 4 Aug 2021=====+=====Bristol Open Technology Lab AGM, 10th October 2021=====
-**Date, time and location:** 7pm, 27 July 2021 at Hackspace or online via Google Meet.+**Date, time and location: 5pm 10/10/2021** online via Google meet (link will be emailed out, so it isn't public)
 ====Agenda==== ====Agenda====
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   * BOTLab C.I.C. 2019-2020 accounts   * BOTLab C.I.C. 2019-2020 accounts
   * Special resolution to update constitution with companies house   * Special resolution to update constitution with companies house
-  * Rules updates to match new unit +  * Rules updates to match new building 
-  * Specific director roles+  * Proposal to archive the google group and move to a Discourse forum
   * Appointment of new directors   * Appointment of new directors
   * AOB   * AOB
 ====Present==== ====Present====
 +====Incident Review====
 +Fire alarm has gone off a couple of times. Thank you for always reporting this.
 +====Directors Report on Previous Year====
 +====BOTLab C.I.C Accounts====
 +====Special resolution to update constitution with companies house====
 +====Rules updates to match new building====
 +====Announcement on framework for getting the metal lathe in use - AR====
 +We've got a fantastic metal lathe sitting in the workshop. Let's put it to use! The framework for this will be as follows:
 +  - Get the late running properly - DONE (thanks Russ)
 +  - Allow competent people to use the lathe
 +    - Competence to be judged as:
 +      - Having completed some sort of training (e.g. at college/university/apprenticeship) AND
 +      - Having successfully made something on a metal lathe AND
 +      - Having a fundamental understanding of lathe safety AND
 +      - Are willing to contribute (even in a small way) to the development of an induction
 +    - If you believe you are competent, please email the directors on directors@bristolhackspace.org, convincing us of the fact that you meet the criteria.
 +    - If we agree that you meet the criteria, we'll email you an access code for the power switch.
 +  - Competent people start to use the lathe, with the hope that they can create an induction, and start teaching people within ~3 months
 +  - Anyone able to request an induction, like any other tool
 +====Call to arms for the metal workshop - AR====
 +The team working on a proposal for the metal workshop have been swamped with work in their day jobs, so haven't had time to create it. Therefore, we need a working group to come up with a proposal for a "minimum viable workshop". If you are interested in being part of the working group, please email alex@bristolhackspace.org, I will arrange some meetings to divvy up the work of creating the proposal.
 +====Proposal to archive the google group and move to a Discourse forum====
 +Proposal to create a discourse forum to become the Hackspace’s primary means of communication. The Google group will be archived in read only status.
 +Discourse offer free hosting to certain non profit entities via case by case application, however in the event we are not Discourse can be hosted within existing web budgets.
 +====Appointment of new directors====
 +As per board meeting (14/09/2021), we are increasing the size of the board to seven members  
 +   * Treasurer - Everything financial, reimbursing purchases, arranging annual accounts
 +       * Nick G Standing
 +   * Membership - maintain the membership database, responsible for the onboarding process
 +       * Fraser H Standing
 +   * Facilities and Infrastructure - responsible for maintaining and improving the physical space and equipment within 
 +       * Alex R standing
 +   * Health and Safety - ensures all hackspace users remain safe, and that hackspace complies with relevant H&S legislation
 +   * Community - fosters community cohesion and collaboration
 +       * Caitlin P standing
 +   * Webmaster - maintains online presence - forum, website, social media feeds
 +       * Sam C standing
 +   * Secretary - arranges members/board meetings, communicates with companies house, communication with membership, chases actions from meetings
 +       * Felix H standing
 +Note from Alex: role descriptions are as best I can remeber from discussions at the last board meeting. However, they were not formally agreed and minuted. 
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